Quality teaching and service to the families

Extracurricular activities

Morning and afternoon activities

In order to complement the training of the students and to respond to the needs of families, Pàlcam offers a wide range of activities from 7.45 am to 7 pm throughout the year (except August).
Activitats paraescolars Natació Pàlcam escola concertada de Barcelona
The extracurricular activities are divided into two time slots:


A) Those that are offered to all students who have lunch at the canteen regularly for free: Music band (ESO), Computer science (primary and ESO), Drama (primary and ESO), Study room (primary and ESO ), Basketball (primary), Values ​​(primary and ESO), Proves Cangur (ESO).

B) Those organized by Dinamis: Guitar lessons (primary school), Minecraft (primary school), English (primary school), Basketball (primary school), Swimming (primary) , Music (preschool).

The afternoon activities take place after school, and they are all organized by Dinamis:Activitats paraescolars Judo Pàlcam escola concertada de Barcelona

a) Activities to develop the intellectual skills: Chess, English, Chinese, German, Robotics.

b)Activities to develop physical abilities: Swimming, Futsal, Basketball, Jazz, Dance, Skating, Karate, Judo, Yoga for Kids and Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Extra-time stays: Service offered in the morning from 7:45 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. (classes start) and from 5:00 p.m. until 19:00 h.


Activitats paraescolars futbol sala Pàlcam escola concertada de Barcelona

Family-School days

To ensure a comprehensive education and promote the relationship between the family and the school, we have developed a series of sporting and cultural activities:

  • Athletics Race Pàlcam
  • Twelve hours of basketball
  • Sport demonstrations
  • Tribute day to the students’ grandparents
  • Conferences and briefings

Field trips and retreats

Field trips and retreatssortides

  • School trips and retreats
  • Skiing courses
  • Cultural field trips
  • International school exchanges
  • Stays abroad in the UK


Holiday Camps

Easter camp

If you want to have great fun during Easter, join the sports camp.  We will be posting more information about this camp soon.

Summer camp

Dinamis, together with Escola Pàlcam, offer two types of summer camps.

If you want to do some sport, Dinamis summer camp is the best choice.  If you are a primary or secondary school student, you will be able to practice many different sport activities and go on field trips. And for the youngest kids( P3 to P5), some leisure activities.

Click here to donwload the brochure about the summer camp in Dinamis 2015(information in Catalan)

If you want to improve your English while having fun, join the Fun English Summer Club (for boys and girls from P3 to grade 6 at primary school). We will work on projects and you will do many fun activities like: drama, crafts, sports, games, songs, dance, treasure hunts, field trips…

Click here to download the brochure about the Fun English Summer Club 2015(information in Catalan)

Here is a video of the Fun English Summer Club 2014. You’ll see the kind of activities we did and how much fun we had!



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