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Cookies Policy

Cookies: What are they? Which ones do we use? With what purposes?

This website uses both its own cookies and cookies owned by thirds. Cookies are small files created in the user’s browser in order to remember exclusively their preferences (regarding issues such as language, country, login, browser features, information of the website uses, etc.), and/or recognize users to allow a more fluid and customised navigation.

These files can also be used to obtain information about the date and time of the last visit, to measure traffic parameters, to estimate the number of daily visits, and to lead our activities or services more effectively. In short, cookies can also serve to PÀLCAM to obtain statistical information about the website. The user should be aware that this data is only exploited in order to obtain statistical information, it is never used as personal data.

The user consents the use of the hereafter detailed cookies and this Cookies Policy.

Cookies present in are:

Name Own / Third Description Time
(Google Analytics)
Third      Used to signalize users. 2 years
(Google Analytics)
Third      Used to signalize users. 1 hour
Qtrans-front-language                      Own              Used to store the user language preferences 1 year

Allow, block or remove cookies

This website requires the use of cookies. You may not accept them or set your browser to block or eliminate them. In the Web browser configuration the user can find the necessary safety instructions to perform these actions.


  • If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer, they are to be found in the Tools menu> Internet Options> Privacy> Settings;
  • If you use Firefox, they are to be found in the menu item Tools> Options> Privacy> Cookies;
  • If you are using Google Chrome, they are to be found in the menu Settings> Privacy;
  • If you are using Safari, they are to be found in the option Preferences> Security menu.

You can find the “Help” section on your toolbar to receive more information about changing the settings. However, some features of the services offered on the website may not work or may slower if all cookies are rejected.

Most browsers allow users using a “private mode” by which cookies are always deleted after your visit. Depending on the browser, this private mode can have different names; below, you will find a list of the most common browsers and the different names they give to this “private mode”:

– Internet Explorer (InPrivate)…

– Firefox: Private Browsing…

– Google Chrome: Private

– Safari: Private Browsing

– Opera: Private Browsing

Please, read the help section of your browser in order to learn more about how to activate the “private mode”. You could still visit our website if your browser is in “private mode”; however, the user experience may not be optimal and some utilities may not work or be slower.

If you are using a medium or low security setting to allow the installation of automatic cookies while browsing our website, we will consider your tacit consent for the installation.

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