Quality teaching and service to the families

Quality policy

Escola Pàlcam has implemented a quality management system concerned with our students satisfaction. This quality system is defined by a set of policies determined by the type of services we offer.

As fundamental points to fulfil this commitment, a set of general objectives have been established:

  • All the members of our Educational Community should feel welcomed and integrated under a familiar atmosphere.
  • The person is the centre of our educational proposal. At Pàlcam, the student is the protagonist of her own future and we encourage her complete development, our tools, personalized  monitoring and adapted to her own situation and evolution.
  • All our staff is in a constant process of training and improvement, so they can do their job efficiently and with the necessary quality, promoting the participation and satisfaction of its members.
  • Facilitate job placement to our students, promoting the links between companies and the school.
  • Give a chance to teenagers who are out of the educational system to rejoin and promote them professionally.
  • Organize our school to be flexible, structured and coordinated within a clear and easy to apply working system, supported by the latest technologies.
  • Create communication channels with the families that will ease monitoring and the evolution of our students.
  • Follow the current regulations and meet the commitments with the families.
  • Direct our processes towards constant improvement as a means of promoting school dynamics.
  • Implement management principles and techniques to carry out these commitments and achieve demanding but feasible objectives.

Every year, the Board of Directors reviews this policy, sets and reviews the specific objectives of it and determines the human resources and the training and material  needs required to fulfil it.

The ownership of the school has acquired the commitment to ensure that the policy is carried out, communicated to all those involved in the current review and that it remains available for public review.

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