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New technologies in the classroom

New technologies have become an essential part of our lives, both in moments of leisure as in our work day. Each and every one of us use them countless times during the day to day, not only for email purposes: we read the press, do the tax return, make an appointment for the ITV, share videos and pictures through social networks, and even purchase goods via the internet. In fact, the vast majority of households in the country have at least one computer, a DSL connection, at least one smartphone and probably a tablet.

In the past, computer knowledge was a skill of experts and only at the reach of a minority. Today we talk about digital competence. Digital competence is not an option or an addition to the curriculum, but a requirement for any task or job. As a school entity forming future professionals we cannot ignore this fact, so we integrate new technologies as one of the central pillars of our project. We want our students to finish their training at the school being digitally competent and able to use the new technologies successfully in both personal and work environments.

In the last ten years, we have made a number of changes to our school and a methodological renewal in order to become a fully digital school. We have installed computers, projectors and interactive whiteboards in every classroom. We have three computer labs and four portable trolleys equipped with laptops and tablets. In addition, we have implemented Moodle, a distance learning platform used to expand our boundaries and give a new dimension to our classes, which transcends the barrier of the school gate right until your very house.

Our goal is to get students ready for the ACTIC certificate of the Government of Catalonia, so we have adapted the subject of computer science in secondary school to cover the syllabus set by the Administration for obtaining this certificate. We want these computer skills translate into something more useful than just an entry in  the curriculum, we want our student to obtain a certificate that is useful in the workplace.

As computing evolves rapidly, we adapt and we are in a process of constant improvement and evolution. We continue and we will continue working to educate our students on what they will need in the future, and this undoubtedly already includes new technologies.

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