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New technologies in the classroom

It is clear that technology and the Internet are now part of our lives, our day-to-day routines and, of course, also our classrooms.
The experts suggest that there are 5 different options regarding the use of new technologies:

  1. As mediating instruments between students and the learning content : when learning tasks are carried out, or in information search processes. </ li>TAC -Escola Pàlcam
  2. As mediating instruments between teachers and the learning content : to make presentations or to manage the day-to-day of the classroom (calendars, notes, etc.).
  3. As mediating instruments between teachers and students : communication and delivery of tasks.
  4. As instruments that allow monitoring the learning process of the students and accompany them from both formative and formative assessment perspectives.
  5. As tools that generate learning environments, work and learning spaces : collaborative or individual online learning spaces or virtual learning folders.

In our school, the use of new technologies goes through the previous 5 points depending on the time, type of work and age of the students.
In the past, computer literacy was a matter of experts and the skill of a minority. Today we are talking about digital competence. A digital competence that is no longer an option or an addition to the curriculum, but a requirement for any task or job. As a school, a training entity for future professionals, we cannot ignore this fact, and that is why we have integrated new technologies as a pillar of our project. We want our students to finish their training at school being digitally competent, capable of using new technologies successfully, both in a professional environment and in a personal setting.
The following changes have been implemented:

  • In the last ten years, we have made a series of adaptations in our school and a methodological renovation , to become a completely digital school. Computers, projectors, and interactive whiteboards have been installed in all classrooms.
    • We use Ipads for individual use (1×1) from 5th grade.

TAC2- Escola Pàlcam

  • We have three computer labs, and six mobile classrooms equipped with laptops and tablets.
  • We have implemented Moodle and Google Classroom , distance learning platforms that serve to expand the scope and give a new dimension to our classes, which already transcend the school borders to get home.
  • Our goal is to get students prepared to obtain the ACTIC certification of the Generalitat de Catalunya, and that is why we have adapted the computer science course in ESO to cover the topics set by the Administration to obtain this certificate.
  • We learn robotics in all stages with robots and programs adapted to each level.

As computing evolves rapidly, we adapt and we are in a process of constant improvement and evolution. We continue and will continue working to train our students in what they need in the future, and this undoubtedly already includes new technologies.

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