Quality teaching and service to the families

Mission and Vision

Quality teaching and service to the families

Escola Pàlcam concertada de Barcelona

The education of their children is undoubtedly one of the most important challenges parents face. Escola Pàlcam , backed by more than 60 years of experience, is a school that has always aimed to offer quality teaching, as well as the desire to become an institution at the service of families.

Escola Pàlcam offers personalized training that involves individual monitoring of each student. The school takes special care to educate in the value of effort, the spirit of improvement, the importance of respect, the need for discipline, the culture of dialogue and the transmission of human values ​​of Christian inspiration. Likewise, it considers essential the involvement of the family in the task of integrally forming the boys and girls of today, citizens of tomorrow.

 At Pàlcam, we form people so that tomorrow they become professionals capable of facing the continuous challenges that the evolution of the world will

pose to them at both cultural and technological levels. “We educate all students to learn to know and to learn to live together, because it is the best way to win the future.”




This is our MISSION:

Escola Pàlcam concertada de Barcelona

Pàlcam is a school of family origin, very rooted in its neighborhood, that aims to guarantee a personalized training of the student offering a continuity of

studies and train

ing from the age of three up until access to the University and / or the labor market.

It seeks to promote the harmonious development of the person both physically and intellectually as well as morally, based on the Christian values ​​that underlie the conception of Man and help him to give an interpretation of the world consistent with faith.

It has the will to constitute a cohesive educational community in which the school, the pupil and the family share a common project.

This is our VISION:

We want to be an educational institution based on a system of quality of continuous improvement, focusing especially on the use of new technologies in teaching and learning in all stages of education, as well as improving the results in the acquisition of foreign languages, always open to students from other settings, beyond the neighborhood itself.



Escola Pàlcam- C/ Rosalía de Castro, 30-34- C/ Castillejos, 361 08025 BARCELONA Tel. 93 435 97 49
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